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  • Louis Prima - Just A Gigolo-I Ain't Got Nobody - YouTube4:43
  • Management_Voice Mail0:46
  • 01 The Q5 Piano Tune0:00
  • The Rolling Stones - Start me up Lyrics (mp4 360p)3:33
  • 1-08 Wild Thing0:00
  • 1-12 The Locomotion0:00
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  • 2-19 A Whiter Shade Of Pale0:00
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  • 08 Poetry In Motion (Re-Recorded) 10:00
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  • 2-07 Purple Haze 10:00
  • 2-11 Tell It Like It Is 10:00
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  • 1-13 Stupid Cupid (Bonus Track) 10:00
  • 1-01 Jailhouse Rock0:00
  • 10 My Baby Just Cares For Me0:00
  • 5-05 Oh Pretty Woman0:00
  • 4-04 Monday Monday 10:00
  • 05 Living Doll0:00
  • 03 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds0:00
  • Marvin Gaye Whats Going On (1971) - YouTube 10:00
  • 2-06 Pretty Flamingo0:00
  • 1-24 Singing The Blues 10:00
  • 01 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band0:00
  • 1-18 Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud0:00
  • 03 Salade de fruits0:00
  • Superfly3:52
  • 9 When I'm Sixty-Four2:37
  • Living Doll2:41
  • Who's Sorry Now2:18
  • When I'm Sixty-Four2:37
  • What A Little Moonlight Can Do3:12
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band2:02
  • I'm Sorry2:12
  • Tell It Like It Is3:04
  • Sugar Sugar2:49
  • Salade de fruits3:16
  • Good Vibrations3:38

"it used to be a great decor of integrity, imagination and style (but now only on top floor!)"

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Information & Comment

For Residents & Lessees Only Please

Mitre House Residents' Association 

".....and you can add to the bins bovering some lessees, all and any framed artworks, artefacts, potted plants, topiary and sheds including, and this you will not believe, no Christmas Decorations allowed - ...so welcome to Bleak House - in truth you're better off buying or renting a garage in SW3...check out the LOCAL BETE_NOIRES sub head above for more information before you make an expensive choice of residence....?

Mayoral Awards

Best WWW, Best Managed, Best Decorated

Yes, could be true one day...

Strictly Accredited Members & Family Only or by invitation

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The Mitre House R.A.

"Hope The Decor Finds Favour"

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"…name of the game!"

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Mr. Kicks_Oscar Brown Jnr

King Creole_Elvis Presley

Livin' Doll_Cliff Richard

Pretty Flamingo_Manfred Mann

Monday Monday_Mama & Papas

Salade des Fruits_André Bourvil

What's Goin' On_Marvin Gaye

Stupid Cupid_Connie Francis


She Loves You_The Beatles

What Do You Want If ..._Adam Faith

It's All Over Now_The Rolling Stones

Come Fly With Me_Frank Sinatra

Begin The Beguine_Ella Fitzgerald

My Man_Billie Holliday

Girl From Ipanema_Joao Gilberto

Take Five_Dave Brubeck

I'm A Man_Muddy Waters

San Francisco_Scott McKenzie

Let There Be Drums_Sandy Nelson

Tell It Like It Is_Aaron Neville

Dance To The Music_Sly & Family Stone

Wild Thing_The Troggs

Mustang Sally_Wilson Pickett

The Radio Ham_Tony Hancock

A Whiter Shade Of Pale_Procol Harem

The Locomotion_Little Eva

The Twist_Chubby Checker

High School Confidential_Little Ricard

Poetry In Motion_Johnny Tillotson

Hazel's Hips_Oscar Brown Jnr

Jailhouse Rock_Elvis Presley

Tommy Steele_Singing The Blues

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band_The Beatles

Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud_James Brown

My Baby Just Cares For Me_Nina Simone

Oh Pretty Woman_Roy Orbison

Purple Haze_Jimi Hendrix

I'm Sorry_Connie Francis

Tobacco Road_The Nashville Teens

Oxford Town_Bob Dylan

Just A Gigolo_Louis Prima

plus: Any Special Requests to be added

or indeed to be deleted..!

Mitre House - Poetry In Motion

Imaginative, unique, artistic & traditionally bohemian

Following closely the Chelsea heritage of an artistic bohemian enclave
made famous by some of the planet's most esteemed and creative talents,
from Whistler to Mary Quant, from Puccini to Punk, Mitre House residents enjoy one of the best maintained, most imaginatively decorated and
by far the most reasonably priced Service Charges in the capital.

Following both a national and indeed a worldwide necessity for
careful and sensible budgeting, residents have seen their annual
expenses reduced by 46% without any reduction whatsoever
in services whilst still retaining substantial reserves.

Chelsea's SW3 Kings Road, most especially, has entertained, amused and
enthralled for decades. Luminaries have included Mrs. Thatcher and more
fashionably over time perhaps, Jimi Hendrix shopping at the infamous men's boutique, Take Six, The Rolling Stones frequenting Granny Takes A Trip, Clockwork Orange shooting scenes at the Chelsea Drugstore, Sophia Loren dining alongside Michael Caine, Terence Stamp, David Bailey, Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy at Alvaro's, Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack alongside anyone who was anyone dining and discoing at Club dell'Aretusa, Oscar Wilde at The Pheasantry, Francis Bacon at The Chelsea Arts Club, the Royals at Raffles, The Royal Hospital and their residents, the Chelsea Pensioners to name but a few and all within a short brisk ten minute walk from Mitre House -

...or at least when they were all still in situ…. but no worry,
we now have McDonalds in place of the Drugstore!

For The Benefit Of All Mitre House Residents with an artistic trait ONLY

News, views, complaints and congratulations

​Our Residents' Association Guidelines

Mitre House Residents' Association was formed in September 1986
to promote and protect the common rights and interests of the residents and lessees relating to the use and quiet enjoyment of Mitre House.

To represent all the residents in the property in their dealings with RBK&C and any other concern they might have including the Management of Mitre House.

To represent, where appropriate, relevant and permitted, the majority
view of the members but most especially those members
who reside permanently within Mitre House as home.

To encourage a community spirit and good neighbourly atmosphere.

To liaise with Management, whosoever that might be (at present HML as our temporary Agents, as Maunder Taylor were fired and Strangford resigned in exasperation, or if you want a laugh try the Directors of our shareholder owned Head Lease company MHMC(2017)Ltd.... and monitor the ongoing management, development and good professional maintenance of the Property, which directly affects all residents, tenants, shareholders and members.

To receive and accept member suggestions, comment, complaints, criticism
​and one hopes, congratulations where appropriate, via www.mitrehouse.com or email: mitrehouseresidents@gmail.com or the dedicated
​24/7 phone line +44 (0)207 589 7502…

GDPR regulations fully complied with as we do NOT store nor hold any information (name, email, address, tel) on any member and any communication is only made on receipt of a request/query/complaint?

Let's Dance...!

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Members only though

Mayoral Awards (see below)

Best WWW, Best Managed, Best Decorated