Had Management's Advice been taken from Day One, savings of £45,000 would have been achieived...!

Colour Rules….

Now that's imaginative & yes, Quirky

Or do you prefer jeans and T-Shirt?

Works To Be Done

All required by Surveyor to repair and renovate where found

Surveyor Report TBA Section 20 Notice_2

Brief Specs

Not all will be accomplished within the £25,000 Budget

a)_Clean & Polish Mitre House Signage

b)_New Brass Bell Push
c)_Street Front Door attention
    1_Strip both sides + varnish
    2_Renovate/new door furniture
    4_Affix door hold backs
d)_Install Internal mail box
e)_New Door Mat
f)_ Renovate inside double doors
    1_Brassware attention
    2_Affix door hold backs
g)_Hall Table & Mail Pigeon boxes
h)_Install (4) New Lights in Hallway
i)_Mirrors on panels - TBA
j)_Terrazzo Flooring attention
    1_Major attention & Repair
    2_Clean only throughout
k)_Communal Walls & Ceilings Painting
    1_Two colours
l)_Handrail attention & brassware
j)_Lift Interior Car and External Doors
    1_Internal car decor
    2_External doors, frames, grill/cage
    3_All TBA
k)_Lighting incl. plug points & Emergency         
    1_Internal + auto sensors
    2_External + auto sensors
    3_New plud points each floor
    3_NICEIC tests & reports
l)_Communal Crittall Windows attention
    1_Strip to bare & prime/gloss
    2_Renew furniture (brass)
m)_Communal Brass Door Furniture
n)_Leaseholder’s Door Brass Furniture & mats
o)_Various joinery & re-wriring
p)_Attention to rear yard, basement etc
    1_Attention to drains
    2_Emergency Lighting
    3_Clean & renovate
    4_Stair lighting
q)_Gloss to all wood surfaces
    1_All 4 Fire Exit doors
    2_Cleaners Cupboard area
    3_New joinery throughout
r)_Clean all double door windows    
    1_Back to bronze frames
    2_Repair as required
s)_Attention to ALL Fire Assessments
    1_Signs & Notices
    2_Remove obstacles
    3_Extinguishers or not?
    4_Check all door self closers
    5_Check Fire Escape Route
t)_Misc Communal Additions
    1_SKY & TV install
    2_Solar Panels
    3_Piped music in lift...!!
u)_Misc as required (£2500 contingency)

Interior Decorations

Budget £25,000 incl. VAT

External Maintenance

Budget £75,000 incl. VAT

Major Works & Budgets 2014

Please Note

Schedules & Deadlines

Section 20 Notices_1

1st_ deadline 25th January 2014

Lessees' comments and voting preference
on Budgets, all as well documented in notifications on 13th and 19th December 2013, and subsequently on 16th and 18th January 2014

Please Note

Lessees voting YES are each agreeing
to pay £5000 - £7000 on 25 March 2014
to utilise a revised budget of £45k-65k
and to retain Wade as their preferred
Internals' contractor.

(All 9 Lessees must agree on spending more
than Management's £25,000 budget)

Lessees' Comments to date

pdf files to view

reference Internal decor only

Please note these are still under review

It's called Talent....not edgy!

Something you're born with, not learnt from books!

"Rock on, Champ!"

A Reminder

To those Lessees who requested that the Surplus of £4826 held in Reserves be fully reimbursed.

Not the most sensible decision especially as now those same Lessees wish to spend amounts unavailable in Reserves, as Management fully explained at the time,
​but to little or no avail.

"...c'est la vie!"