25 Mar 2014_Section 20 Notice_2

Observations made and noted 

13 Dec 2013_Section 20 Notice_1

Observations made and noted

21 June 2013 Section 20 Notice_2/aborted

Due to (some) Lessee requests

Full Comparison of WADE v MANAGEMENT
Costs & Quotes (Management's incl. VAT @ 20%)

Lessees' Analysis is NOT accurate and does NOT incl. VAT

Lessee Full Works Quotes (2012/3 & 2010)

WADE QUOTE (03/7/12 & 23/1/13) is THE Preferred contractor by Lessees for ALL Works and TOTALS a whopping £60,000 - £65,000 incl. VAT - Earlier Quotes (Stopps) was also considered too expensive by KFH (Stopps became WADE Design)

Management Full Works' Quotes

Management  NOT recommending a single Contractor


Quotes & Estimates & Management Fees

Please Note -

Due to the non-payment by some lessees of the previously agreed £2000 to properly fund the A.R.Lawrence Quote, certain works have been cancelled - namely the Terrazzo specialist floor attention, now only ONE colour internal communal areas and no attention to main front door and furniture.

Lessee Window Repair Costs

NOT included in Schedule of Works - December 2013

or s.20 Notice dated 22 June 2014

Non Scheduled Works

Water Tank & SkyTV

Installation Costs

NOT included in Schedule of Works - December 2013

or s.20 Notice dated 22 June 2014

Main Works' Costs 

 from £105,019 Budget

ALL included in Schedule of Works - December 2013
or s.20 Notice dated 22 June 2014

Stop Press/Urgent(ish)

Final Quotes/Tenders For Internals & Externals 2014

Management's Internals Works

For a £25,000 Maximum Budget

The Schedule of Works - 7 February 2014

Open, Print & Refer To Quotes

Comprehensive Comparison Analysis which answers every query once viewed with Quotes' buttons.

7 Jan 2013_Section 20 Notice_1

Notes Re: Quotes

And Section 20 Notices to date


(Management ) & Lessees NOT requiring Mirrors - Management in favour at some time


(Management) & Lessees NOT in favour of Carpets - Management in favour at some time


Contractor TBA

Brassworks & Door Furniture

Contractor TBA - but only minimum required being Main Front Door furniture - NOT Lessees

Electrics & Installations

Contractor & Works TBA

Terrazzo Flooring

Management NOT recommending a ​Pro-floor clean due to cost - and TO PROVE A POINT compare WADE QUOTE

Lift Refurbishment

Management are NOT recommending a
​total Lift Refurb due to cost

Cleaning Floor & Brassworks

Contractor TBA

Comprehensive Decor Specifications Dec 2013

Professional Tender Specifications 

Believe it or Not - APPROVED

In Progress / Voluntary Decision


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It's Here - WADE'S QUOTE

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6 July 2012_Section 20 Notice_1/aborted

Due To (Some) Lessee requests

Miscellaneous TBA

Contractor/Supplier TBA

Comprehensive Documentation on all Internals' Quotes 

Please note that all Management Quotes are dated months prior to the 13 June 2012 meeting & Style vote - Lessees' Quotes & Estimates are dated after the 13 June 2012 meeting & Style vote 

All or some Quotes can now be considered somewhat out of time and might need re-quoting for better accuracy

Communal Satellite Dish

Still under consideration but requires 100% agreement of ALL nine Lessees - see 2005…?

Front Door

Contractor TBA

Door Mats

Contractor TBA

Painting & Decorating

Contractor TBA

Crittall Communal Windows

Contractor TBA

For Reference Only In Memory Of Common Sense

and Finally….

The Economics of common sense!

Management have sourced many quotes from many independent contractors as opposed to one main contractor as Management knows that this is the more economic way forward when budgets are of prime importance. 

It is perfectly normal, legal and acceptable that ALL single main contractors farm work out to sub-contractors and most normally load the sub-contractors quotes by anything from 10% - %40 as indeed the example below amply evidences.

We rest our case. £25,000 is the budget.

Case Study

Rules & Regulations re: Section 20 Notices

Management are obliged to follow Head Lease requirements which is to paint & decorate, as well as repair and maintain the Communal areas of Mitre House.

Lessees cannot be required to pay for improvements nor cosmetic additions unless ALL Lessees agree to the additional expenditure over and above the minimum works required to be done.

If Management proceeded with expenditure over and above the minimum outlay required, those Lessees that do not wish to spend more than is minimally required can apply to the LVT for retribution and full reimbursement.

In February 2005 a Communal Sky Dish was proposed and a Section 20 Notice was raised, but one Lessee objected to the expenditure and the project was shelved.

As such, Management's Internals' budget of £25,000 incl. VAT adequately covers all that is required to paint & decorate, and repair and maintain the Communal areas and will not include any improvements or cosmetic items if they cannot be accomplished within the £25,000 budget.

Solar Panels

Management & Lessees NOT
​requiring Solar Panels

Lighting Fitments

Contractor/Supplier TBA

Management's "Additional Internals" Works

For £31,756.21 from savings made from

£105,019 Budget

NOT included in Schedule of Works - December 2013
or s.20 Notice dated 22 June 2014